Wednesday, 10 March 2010


It seems that the Lord has been working in ways that I could never have dreamed or imagined. While in Australia recently I met a lovely lady who is feature writer for World Literature Suite101. It just so happens that her children attend the school where my friend teaches and when she heard about my book she asked to read it. After reading it she wrote a review (please check it out) and is now in the process of writing something up for her personal blog.

I will admit that I wasn't sure what to expect when I first saw the review. These things can be scary. You read them with trembling knees. I mean, this is someone who knows about literature. What if they hate it? Of course, they're going to hate it. They're going to see all the literary mistakes and wonder how on earth this person managed to get their MS published. Their remarks are going to be cutting ... critical ... and honestly, what more can I expect?

Well, that's what I thought. I expected the review to be honest - brutally honest - I didn't expect it to be so positive and affirming. I still find it hard to believe that God has been so gracious to me - me who is no one special and an unknown author - in that my very first manuscript that I ever submitted was accepted and published. It still fills me with awe that He would do this for someone like me.

But to have someone read my book - someone who knows about literature - and to write such a positive review - well, that's a thrill.