Friday, 7 June 2013


Occasionally in the past I've been asked if my books are autobiographical. Usually I would reply, “Not really”, but recently I've come to realise that some aspects are very much autobiographical.

Events, experiences, lesson that have shaped me have somehow found their way into my books. Just as Katie in To A Distant Land had to leave family and country and all that she held dear, I was in a similar situation over seventeen years ago. And while not exactly leaving against my will or by ... force, it wasn't without a struggle.

To Rise Above was different in that I knew ahead of time that I would write about an experience in my life where God, in His Grace and Mercy, preserved my life. It was after my first book had been published that I realised just how much God had given back to me. Then, as now, I felt so humbled that God would take someone like me and use me in this way. It was from reflecting on God’s goodness to me that the second novel in the Distant Land series was born.

And Book Three? It’s very much based on a lesson that I've had to learn – and re-learn – and am still learning. All will be revealed when the book is published …