Saturday, 21 November 2015


While I hate spam as much as the next person (I'm talking about the email variety not the canned ham variety that I remember from my childhood and would rather not remember at all) I was beginning to wonder why my email box was suddenly no longer flooded with spam trying to sell me products I do not desire or need (and of which weight loss pills was the most inoffensive).

Having experienced multiple daily spam that all seemed very similar, it should not have taken me as long as it did to start wondering. (Okay, my family will testify that sometimes I'm slow off the mark.)

However, that daily and often offensive email does have its advantages: it lets me know that at least the 'contact' tab on my website is working.

Not being a frequent visitor to my own website (I mean, why would I?) I was shocked to discover it was no longer up and running and the domain was up for sale.

My domain.

A few clicks and I was led to a page requesting payment - payment that I had already made. An email to the host and everything was sorted in quick time - so quick that I wondered if I'd imagined it all.

So now on my 'to do' list, is to regularly check that my website is still live. And to think I used to believe that the life of a writer was all about, well, writing. Seems I spend more time marketing, researching, checking websites, blogging, emailing, than I do actually writing!