Friday, 22 May 2015


This afternoon I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with a friend who has been an amazing blessing to me. This friend has the gift of saying just the right thing when I need it most. She has offered encouragement, prayed with me, and together we have shared our writing journeys.

This friend, who is similar in so many ways, is also a writer. She has just published her first book, and is going through many of the same doubts and pangs that I experienced (and still experience) when I launched my first book onto the unsuspecting public.

That this gifted and godly woman doubts her own ability would be incomprehensible except that her words today echoed my words and thoughts. In one way it is a relief to know that I'm not alone ... that I'm not the only one who doubts my own work and lies awake afraid that no one will read my books.

Since I don't have her permission to share her book yet, I'll leave you with just a taste from the novel's cover (and hopefully I can link to it soon) ...