Sunday, 10 May 2015


This post will be politically incorrect. I make no apologies for that. At the risk of sounding like the brash Australian that I am, I need to share something that is on my heart.

I've seen the articles and the Facebook posts leading up to Mothers Day from those who think we shouldn't mark today (for whatever reason) and believe me I understand. I do emphasise with the multitudes who find this day so very, very difficult.

For those who have recently lost a mother ... my heart goes out to you.

For those who were abused by a mother or who never knew their mother ... I weep with you for all that you never had.

For those who longed to be mothers and are not ... I can only imagine in part the longing and the pain you experience.

For those who are mothers but have lost a child ... I cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend the extent of your grief.

For anyone who finds Mothers Day difficult ... I do understand and my post is not designed to hurt you further.

But by failing to appreciate and celebrate mothers today we are doing them, and ourselves, a great disservice.

Somewhere today a young mother is wondering if it's all worth it ... if her skills, her talent, even her life is being wasted being at home with little ones all day ... if anyone even cares what she does.

Somewhere an older mother is hoping and praying her adult children will call her and remember the love and the sacrifices she poured out on them over the years ... not because she feels they owe her anything but simply because she misses them.

Somewhere a mother of teens is struggling and needs reminding to hang in there ... that she's doing a good job ... and this too will pass.

Somewhere a mother is aching for her children ... for the choices they have made ... for their broken relationships ... for the unfulfilled dreams ... for their pain ... and she needs to hear they are okay.

Somewhere a mother is hurting ... her child is dying ... her dreams and hopes have been shattered by miscarriage ... her children's dad has walked out ... there's no money for food ... and she needs support.

Somewhere mothers need encouraging today. And while I realise how blessed I am, I also realise that there are many women out there today who are hurting. And if lifting them up today, if acknowledging all that they do, if coming alongside them in their struggles, if weeping with them in their pain, is politically incorrect, them I am happy to be accused of such.

So for all those who are mothers ... of natural offspring, of someone else's children, of hurting individuals, I would like to wish you a Happy Mothers Day.