Monday, 8 February 2016

Worth A Mention

A year or so ago I had a discussion (debate?) over the phone with someone from the National Library as to whether to classify me as an Australian author or a New Zealand author. The problem arose because:

1. While Australian born I have lived here for twenty years (and I've been married to a Kiwi for thirty two years);

2. My stories include both Australian and New Zealand settings;

3. My books have been published by two publishing houses - that's right, an Australian publisher and a New Zealand publisher.

With so many things to consider it was no wonder he was stumped. In the end we decided to go with Australian.

Ellie Whyte the owner of Soul Inspirationz, had no difficulty classifying me as an Australian author, residing in New Zealand (perhaps I should have had her talk to the lovely person at the National Library?). Her recent post re New Zealand authors did, however, made a kind mention of yours truly. Even more graciously she stated that my books were "well worth mentioning". Please check out her post here.